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Engraving Suggestions

Engraved messages give your gifts an extra personal touch. They can be added according to the following:

  • Crosses: up to 2 characters in front and up to 20 characters in the back
  • Everything else: up to 20 characters on line 1 and another 20 characters on line 2, both in the back

For crosses, we recommend initials or numbers in the front.

For all other pieces of jewelry, here are some messages you can use that already fall within the character limits:

General Messages

I love you to the
moon and the stars.

You brighten up
all of my days.

You brighten my days.
Love, [Your Name]

You're a star that
lights up my life.

You changed my life
under these stars.

The stars when you
came into my life.

The stars when you
changed my life.

The lucky stars
that gave me you.

You will always be
my brightest star.

You will always be
my luckiest star.

Romantic Messages

I'm a lucky man to
have you in my life.

I'm the luckiest man
alive thanks to you.

I would give you the
stars if I could.

You're the brightest
star in my life.

Anniversary Messages

The stars aligned
for me and you.

Under these stars,
our forever began.

Messages of Gratitude

You make me thank
my lucky stars.

Thank you for being
my lucky star.

Each day, I thank my
lucky stars for you.

Messages of Encouragement

Never let anyone
dim your light.

Messages for Mom

You're not just my
mom, you're my hero.

Mom, I love you to
the moon and stars.

Mom, you've always
been a star to me.

Messages for a Child

Love you to the moon
and stars. - Mom

You're my lucky
star. Love, Mom

Let your light shine
so bright. Love, Mom

You'll always be my
star. Love, Mom

You are my brightest
star. Love, Mom

You make my days
bright. Love, Mom

You're my light in
the dark. Love, Mom

You light up my
life. Love, Mom

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